What I can setup github and create repo?

  • Firstly we create github account from github
  • We create a new repo from ‘+’ symbol.
  • We named this repo and creating.
  • After, We seems to this url
HTTP: https://github.com/username/repo_name.git
SSH: git@github.com:username/repo_name.git

We use any link. Now, we clone this repo on pc.

Use this command

git clone https://github.com/username/repo_name.git

Now you are cloning to pc but where this file?

For this question, Where you want to setup, install there. For example, if you want to clone in desktop, you should go desktop path like this(For Mac);

cd Desktop/

And then cloning this path.

  • After clone, We open this file on ide or anywhere, writing our code in file.

Now, changed this file, We should push this file to github. Hence, we use this code ;

git add .

With this command, we added all changed file on network, we wait for push.

  • Which file added on network? Answer this question, We write this command and see to adding file.
  git status
  • We are saw to adding file , Now We need to commit for then to remember the files which adding.
   git commit -m "your_comment"
  • We prepared commit, Now all preparations are prepared, and we should push file n github
git push origin master

Note: master are name of branch on github, if you use another branch or don’t use ‘master’ branch we created new branch and push

git push origin branch_name
  • If you want to see branches in your repo,
git branch -a
  • If you created new branch
git branch name_of_newbranch
  • Now, you are in name_of_newbranch , but you want to return or switch another branch therefore
git checkout another_branch

Git command basicly like this.