What is the CSS sprite? Why do we need to this ?

CSS Sprite means that combine all images in a single image file. The aim is that, when we upload several image file for use in css or sass file, you should upload to each.

If I give an example, you understand easily:

We have 10 or more images and we should use in CSS folder, but this is difficult and mixed not only for 10 picture but also 100, 10000 pictures. you will each image upload 10 times or more for use. Can you imagine it ?

It’s very difficult and mixed !

Instead of this we use CSS Sprite method and fixed this mixed. If you have 10 images, you should combine these images in a single page and pull in this page. Thus, CSS Sprite provide to fast loading when opened quickly your images of website.

I think your understand CSS Sprite, How use it ?

  • Firstly, you create a single page for using images and combine all pictures in single page.

  • And now we use CSS or SASS code for pull each picture in single page.

For example, you have a icons’ pictures page and we pull each icon on icons’ picture page, we should use CSS or SASS sprite

    background: url("../images/icon-sprite.png") no repeat
    display: inline-block
    @extend .icon
    background-position: 0px 0px
    @extend .icon
    background-position: 20px 34px

means that above code :

We upload single page on icon class and we want to use anything icon in single page which position has these. but before use extend for use icon class in icon1 class. And I want to use another icon, I prepare position of it. and use in


Thanks to CSS Sprite, when opened images in your site, it opened quickly.

That’s it !