When you start to project, which gems are useful ?

When you start a rails project, you can use these gems which useful for project.

Gems are like,

1- blankable gem

blankable provide to add blank slates to index view … You can look on gitHub

2- simple_form

simple_form provide to make easy rails forms, aims is that to be as flexible as possible while helping you with powerful components to create your form … You can look on gitHub

3- model_to_locale

model_to_locale provide to create locale file for model attributes … You can look on gitHub

4- responders

responders provide to dry up your Rails 3.2+ app … You can look on gitHub

5- will_paginate

will_paginate provide to pagination library that integrate with RoR, Sinatra … You can look on gitHub

6- will_paginate_bootstrap

will_paginate_bootstrap provide to integrate in will_paginate to bootstrap … You can look on gitHub

7- better_errors

better_errors provide to replace standard error page to much better and useful error page You can look on gitHub